ID#:  TH03
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  16
Religion:  Muslim
Interests:  Badminton, basketball, volleyball, dancing, painting,
drawing, photography, singing.
Personal Characteristics:  Kind, respectful, outgoing, open-minded.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  11
Program Length:  Academic Year
“My parents are very lovely and hard working person.  So they don’t have much time to
take me around as they always work on weekend.  They are running their business
and now my sister and brother are helping them.  For me, I am studying in grade 10.  I
also love to play sports eg. Basketball, volleyball.  My future career is I would like to be
a flight attendant.  I know that English is an important thing for my future job.  So it is
very important for me to have a very good foundation.  I know that to take this
opportunity to be an exchange student in America will help me to improve my English
skills very much.  I am an outgoing and open-minded person.  I am very excited to be
part of experiencing a new culture in America.  I think that I will learn a lot from this
experience and I am looking forward to seeing you my host family soon.”