Students participating in the J-1 program attend public high schools throughout the U.S. while residing with a volunteer
American host family for a period no longer than one year.  Students in the J-1 program are not given a choice of
school or location in the U.S., but will be matched with a host family based on their personality, activities and interests.  
All host families in the J-1 program are volunteers and agree to provide the student with room and board, as well as a
loving family environment.  The purpose of the J-1 program is to promote cultural exchange between the student's
home country and the host community.  Schools accepting J-1 exchange students typically accept the students free of
cost; however, there are some school districts that are now requiring tuition.  

Students participating in the F-1 program attend private high schools in the U.S. for one or more years.  The F-1
program is more flexible than the J-1 program because it allows the student to choose from a list of potential private
schools and locations in the U.S.  It is, however, more costly due to the fact that the student must pay tuition, as well
as fees for room and board.  One benefit of the F-1 program is that the student may remain in the program for more
than one year to continue his/her studies until he/she graduates from high school.  Many F-1 students continue on to
attend American colleges and universities.  

If you are between the ages of 15 and 18, live outside of the U.S. and are interested in participating in either the J-1 or
F-1 program, please contact us at
info@ocean-intl.org.  We will put you in touch with our nearest home country
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