ID#:  KG01
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  18
Religion:  Non
Interests:  Swimming, skiing, painting, volunteering for the Red
Crescent (like the Red Cross).
Personal Characteristics:  Polite, responsible, mature, adaptable.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
“Our family consists of my Dad, Mum, two elder brothers and me.  In addition, we have
many relatives with whom we celebrate every holiday together.  My friends are friendly,
active and creative people, so I think their presence in my life make me more open
and ambitious.  They say I am reliable and honest person on whom they can always
rely.  I’m quite curious and I like to meet new personalities and know something
about them.  I am fond of taking pictures of nature, interesting places and food, editing
and sharing them on social networks.  Besides, I’m big fan of travelling, even if it
wasn’t abroad, except for the one neighboring country, we usually travel by car around
our land with my family and enjoy beautiful sceneries of our country.  I wish I could
travel and visit many other places including foreign countries.  And it would be great if I
will start my adventure life with America.”
ID#:  KG02
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  17
Religion:  Muslim
Interests:  Tennis, swimming, playing the komuz (national instrument
of Kyrgyzstan), volunteering.
Personal Characteristics:  Polite, sociable, responsible.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
“My family is really big.  My parents are people with kind heart.  There are 5 children in
our family.  Of course sometimes we have misunderstandings but we try to keep
respect to each other and always be friendly.  I’m resilient, sociable, purposeful
person.  I always try to be active and want to be a part of something really interesting
and useful for me and society.  For example, I am a volunteer and with our team we
have visited some nursing homes, orphanages and hospitals with children.  We
always try to help them if we have possibility.  I like swimming like my father.  At once
when we were swimming in the lake my little sister went under the lake and I rescued
her.  Every summer we visit our grandparents in the village.  We climb together to
mountain to breathe with the fresh air and just admire the view.  Also we like riding on
horses, it is our favorite animal.  We like to watch comedy movies together.”
ID#:  KG05
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  15
Religion:  Christian
Interests:  Table tennis, painting, volleyball, playing chess,
swimming, dancing.
Personal Characteristics:  Friendly, mature, curious, patient,
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  11
Program Length:  Academic Year
“From an early age, I am a sociable person, I love to talk with new people.  At the
moment I have many friends at school.  Also I have friends at social networks, English
courses and even in the USA.  But apart from the fact that I have a lot of friends, my
close friends are few.  I like to discover something new for myself.  In my life I have
tried a lot of hobbies.  They are:  singing, dancing, painting, swimming and also
playing volleyball.  But at the moment my favorite kind of sport are chess and table
tennis, also drawing.  I very like to learn about the life in other countries.  When I knew
about life in America, I decided that I should go there.  Before, trip to the USA was one
of my dreams, but now it’s my aim.  I am trying to do all to achieve my aim.  I believe
that I can do it.  I want to continue my study in America.  And also I want to find about
American culture, lifestyle.  I want to search new friends there.  I want to develop
myself in different directions and I hope you will help me to realize.”
ID#:  KG07
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  17
Religion:  None
Interests:  Pilates, tennis, playing the piano, photography, filmmaking.
Personal Characteristics:  Sociable, kind, generous, mature.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  11
Program Length:  Academic Year
“Kyrgyzstan is very small, but so beautiful!  We have majestic mountains, mysterious
forests and pearl-Issyk-Kyl Lake.  But the most beautiful thing in our country is our
people.  People here are very friendly and kind.  We are ready to accept in our country
all people from all countries of the world.  I really like going to school.  My favorite
subjects are English Literature, History and Philosophy.  Also I have a lot of different
hobbies.  They are:  Filmmaking, photography, acting, music.  I really want to be a
movie director.  I love all about cinematography.  I want to write scripts for my movies.  
I think that is really interesting.  Invent interesting stories, help actors get used to the
role.  But this is not the only reason why I want to do this.  I really believe that my
movies can help to our world.  With the help of the cinema I will try to change the world
for the better.  We must stop fighting with each other, we must be reunited in a single
whole and protect our home-Earth.”
ID#:  KG08
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  15
Religion:  None
Interests:  Dancing, singing, playing the piano, tennis, handball.
Personal Characteristics:  Curious, sociable, diligent, mature,
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  10
Program Length:  Academic Year
“I really love my family and grateful for wonderful nurture and care.  I live with my mom,
grandmother and two times a year with my elder sister.  My mother is clever, beautiful,
funny and wise woman.  I love her and trust her.  She taught me everything and made
me who I am now.  I lost my father 2 years ago.  He was very intelligent,
understanding and civilized man.  I really loved him and grateful to him for everything.  
I have a lot of friends and some close friends.  They are funny and I trust them all my
secrets.  We spend a lot of time together:  go to cinema, parks and ride bicycles.  In
my free time I like to sing, go out with my friends and watching or making videos.  Also
I like riding bicycle.  I love warm weather and live in such climate, so a lot of my
hobbies are connected with warm weather.  Sometimes in the winter we can go
skiing, because Kyrgyzstan is mountainous country and mountains are very close.”