ID#:  EC01
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  17
Religion:  Catholic
Interests:  Cycling, swimming, hiking, writing, traveling, running,
Personal Characteristics:  Fun, kind, friendly, creative.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
““I am a creative person, I like to travel and go to some interesting places.  In my free
time I usually like to go to the movies with my friends.  Usually, I write on a blog and
read books.  I like the photography, I practice swimming and sometimes I go out and
run.  I have two little sisters.  I get along with them even though sometimes I can be a
bit impatient.  I like animals, I have a cat and two dogs.  My favorite food is lasagna
and I like coffee.  I also like snow and rain.  In a future, I would like to study medicine
although I’m not sure yet.  I like to study anatomy and biology.  My favorite color is
blue.  I like to get to know new places, sometimes I can seem shy because I try to
meet people before I trust them.  I prefer to get to know people over time instead of
making lots of questions, maybe I can get to know them better in that way.”
ID#:  EC02
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  18
Religion:  None
Interests:  Soccer, ice-skating, listening to music, watching videos,
Personal Characteristics:  Friendly, happy, responsible.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
“With this letter I would like to express my interest for participating at this student
exchange program.  I am happy, friendly, creative and responsible guy.  During my life,
I’ve practiced some sports, but now I just practice soccer and ice-skating.  On a
regular basis, I do things like:  play video games with my friends, and usually, I go out
with my friends.  About my academic life, I am a good student in the school.  I was in
the honor chart.  When I work in groups in the high school I like to organize the things
and I always like helping in the programs from my high school.  This trip is one of my
dreams and I wish I could be successful exchange student.  Although at first it could
be difficult, I really want to do it.  My goals are to make a lot of friends, get along with
my host family, be a good student and know more about American culture.  I am
looking forward to getting a host family and being part of it.”
ID#:  EC03
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  17
Religion:  Evangelical Christian
Interests:  Basketball, soccer, gymnastics, track & field running, choir.
Personal Characteristics:  Kind, friendly.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
“I would like to apply to this exchange student program for the next several reasons.  
First of all I want to be a more independent person and also I want to improve my
English to a better level.  Learning about other country’s culture for me is very
interesting, my philosophy of life is that I will never stop learning about new stuff.  
Another reason is that I love traveling and discovering new places; that enrich my
spirit and my knowledge.  It’s kind of crazy to start living in a country where you don’t
know most of people with the exception of your host family, but I think that’s part of the
experience one has to confront.  I’m pretty excited, I think I’ll learn a lot, and this is just
a stage of my life that I’ll have to face and this will teach  me things that maybe I would
apply later on my life.  I’m proud and grateful that I have this chance.  I also feel really
thankful with God.  I believe that everything will go OK with God’s help.”
ID#:  EC04
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  17
Religion:  Catholic
Interests:  Soccer, tennis, dancing, spending time with friends,
watching movies.
Personal Characteristics:  Friendly, active, sports-minded, happy,
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
“I like playing soccer and tennis with my friends.  I practice these sports once a week
in my high school.  Also I dance in my high school, we dance choreographies made
by us and this is so exciting.  In my free time I love play video games with my friends.  I
like hanging out with my friends, shopping, watching movies and eating out.  I like to
go out with my parents on weekends, so we share and talk about the week and I
spend great time with them.  One of my desires is to visit again United States
because it has interesting and beautiful places that I want to meet because people
tell me about those cute places.  Moreover, I want to learn another culture, their typical
food, customs and something else of this culture, I want to perfect my English.  In the
university I want to study to be a pharmacist.  Finally, if I have the opportunity to visit
again U.S. I’m willing to learn something new, to do something that challenges me
and I’m willing to accept all the different things that happen in my life.”  
ID#:  EC05
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  17
Religion:  Christian
Interests:  Going to the gym, athletics, basketball, volleyball, playing
the guitar, acting.
Personal Characteristics:  Outgoing, mature, sports-minded.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
“I want to thank you for the opportunity to share with you this next academic year.  I like
sports like athletics, being part of my school team to participate in the school games
with other schools.  I love to play guitar as a hobby and I am learning how to make
music for approximate two years and also I try to compose my own.  I am a guy who
likes to have new experiences, meet new people and make friends, this is the reason
why I would like to be out of this country; it is why I have choose United States.  
Because it is a country that gives a lot of challenges but at the same time a lot of
opportunities to whom to live a different experience and achieve their goals, but also I
can share a little of my culture with you too.  I am very excited and grateful for hosting
me at your home for the following academic year.”
ID#:  EC06
Gender:  Male
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  17
Religion:  None
Interests:  Soccer, playing the piano, composing electronic music.
Personal Characteristics:  Positive, generous, friendly.
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  12
Program Length:  Academic Year
“Hi new family, I’m very grateful that you have chosen me to share this time with you.  
Believe me, it won’t be difficult taking care of me.  I’m a guy that can help in the home
chores, I’m a guy that care of your problems and I’m a guy that likes to share with you.  
Besides that, my hobbies are the music and soccer.  I love compose electronic music
and I’m the best doing that.  I wanted to travel for preparing me for the future, to have
an idea of what career to choose, make new friends.  It would be awesome for have
better self-confidence, but the most important thing is to gain experience when I go.  
Also, I want to have an excellent relationship with you so in that case invite you to my
country to know my family.  See ya in a few months.”
ID#:  EC07
Gender:  Female
Age Upon Arrival in the U.S.:  15
Religion:  Catholic
Interests:  Swimming, basketball, painting, drawing, spending time
with friends.
Personal Characteristics:  Friendly, honest, reliable, adaptable,
Preferred Grade of Enrollment:  11
Program Length:  Academic Year
*Student is allergic to cats.
“My parents are separate.  I live with my mother and her husband.  We have a dog, her
name is Cococha.  I have a sister, her name is Martina, she is 5 years old.  She lives
with my dad and his wife.  I considered that I’m sweet, reliable with my family and
friends, relax in sometimes but when I have to do something I’m responsible.  I help
to my mom to clean the house, I clean my room not always but I do it.  I like to know
other cultures because I traveled to United States with my family and we went to
Miami, Florida to visit Disney’s parks, it was amazing.  Also we traveled to New York.  
There we have a tour with a nice experience.  I adapted easy in any place, I’m friendly,
I like share my culture to other people.  My favorite foods are chicken wings,
hamburgers, but I don’t like some vegetables.  I practice swimming with my dad, I
study English in Stanford Institute, also in my high school.  I practice basket.  I like
watching horror movies, I like hanging out with my friends, usually we go to the malls
and there we eat a lot and we have a lot of fun together.”